Five Years Later: Learning the Lessons of the JOBS Act

Episode 7 · April 4th, 2017 · 22 mins 20 secs

About this Episode

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) was signed into law five years ago this week with hope that removing burdensome disclosure requirements and encouraging the use of crowdfunding tools would spur new business startups to eventually grow into large public companies.

The Financial Executive Research Foundation, in partnership with Donnelly Financial Solutions, is preparing to publish a white paper this month on the JOBS Act, whether is has changed the IPO market and how the law could change in the next five years.

In this second podcast on the subject, we speak with Professor Reena Aggarwal, Director of Georgetown University’s Center for Financial Markets and Policy. Dr. Aggarwal, specializes in capital raising, initial public offering and corporate governance, discusses what lessons financial executives should learn regarding the first five years of the JOBS Act.