A New World Needs a New Way to Close

Episode 77 · June 27th, 2022 · 29 mins 18 secs

About this Episode

A key responsibility for anyone in the finance function is closing the company books on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. And although to a layperson that may seem like a straightforward process, anyone with an accounting or finance background knows it’s anything but.

Filled with multiple stakeholders and dependencies, the financial close can be a complicated process for even a small organization. But that complexity can increase algorithmically with the size of the organization.

In this sponsored episode of the Financial Executive Podcast I speak with Nancy Wu, head of sales and support at SkyStem. SkyStem provides month-end close automation for enterprise-level accounting teams.

Nancy speaks about the increased use of automation in the financial close and how recent events, like the move to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic, may have accelerated an already rapidly changing financial close process.

For more information on SkyStem please visit www.skystem.com.