FEI Engage 101: China Accounting and Audit

Episode 75 · April 4th, 2022 · 31 mins 7 secs

About this Episode

This podcast is the first in a series of discussions we are conducting for our FEI Engage subscribers, with the goal of offering access to senior auditing and accounting professionals and academics to get their thoughts on the biggest issues facing students and early career professionals entering the industry.
In this inaugural Engage 101 podcast, we look at China.
Over the past 20 years the rise of China in the global economic order has astounded economists. That has translated into an influx of Chinese companies looking to tap the U.S. capital markets.
As a result, there has been a debate between global regulators about the audit standards that China-based companies should be held to when they access the US equity markets.
We speak with Professor Paul Gillis of Peking University in China. Professor Gillis started out at Price Waterhouse and led their entrance into China before retiring in 2004 and entering academics.