How to think about China, conflict and “fears of the future” with The University of Virginia’s Dale Copeland

Episode 146 · June 14th, 2024 · 38 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

If there’s been a consistent theme of disruption in an era of disruption over the past decade it’s the US relationship in China. Shutdowns, trade battles and now real threats of force are being ratcheted up on both sides.

For financial executives tasked with managing supply chains and forecasting overseas markets, the threat of global conflict puts everything on the balance sheet in doubt.

But there is a broader historical context for today’s China worries that can help put the current conflicts in context and lay out a path to forecasting the future.

In this episode of the FEI Weekly podcast we speak with Dale Copeland, Professor of international relations at the University of Virginia and author of “A World Safe for Commerce”, a new book that reveals how trade and commerce has defined America's foreign policy – and often its military actions – and how contemporary challenges with Russia and China can be thought about in that lens.

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