Auditing your holiday meal and accounting for a global food crisis with Dr. Lisa Jack

Episode 120 · November 21st, 2023 · 50 mins 38 secs

About this Episode

As the US settles into its traditional Thanksgiving holiday meal, it should be remembered that a majority of the globe remains in a constant state of food insecurity. According to the USDA, a combination of the lingering effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and risks associated with the ongoing Russian military invasion of Ukraine are fueling the problems.

But developed nations are not immune, with the UK experiencing its crisis as food prices are rising and trade agreements with overseas partners failing.

In this episode we speak with Dr. Lisa Jack, Professor of Accounting in the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Portsmouth. Dr. Jack is one of the few accounting researchers to examine the agri-food industry and the effects of accounting and performance measurement practices on the industry, and on society more widely.

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