Bedrock AI’s Kris Bennatti on adapting language models to filings, disclosure “inflation” and replacing critical audit matters with 💩

Episode 104 · May 31st, 2023 · 29 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

There is no shortage of hot takes when it comes to the possibility of generative artificial intelligence in finance, especially when it comes to consultants or vendors talking about the ways it can be leveraged by large enterprises in accounting and financial reporting. But like in many instances, first mover advantage usually belongs to investors leveraging new technologies as a window into the balance sheet.
For example, Bedrock AI is a startup that uses artificial intelligence to read financial disclosures and apply a machine-learned risk assessment tool.
Bedrock AI’s CEO Kris Bennatti has a unique perspective on the rise of AI in accounting and disclosure, having a background in data science, corporate governance as well as being a CPA.
In this episode we speak with Ms. Benatti about how AI can navigate a world of "over disclosure" along with ideas regarding how the current financial reporting industry will need to adapt.

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